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Terms and Conditions

The Terms and Conditions set out below govern all sales to any Customer of products by KhmerJaya1588, a company registered in China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Equitorial Guinea, and shall override any additional or conflicting conditions the Customer may attempt to impose. Further, no variation of these terms and conditions shall be valid unless agreed in writing by a Director of KhmerJaya1588. Other KhmerJaya1588 employees have no authority to agree any additional or conflicting terms.


By placing an order with Yakaraffe, the Customer is deemed to have knowledge of these Terms and Conditions and agrees to be bound by them.




Customers who wish to open a credit account, should complete a credit application form, which is available on request from us. Credit accounts will only be opened following appropriate checking.


KhmerJaya1588 will set the credit limit and the Customer must not exceed this limit. If the Customer wishes to have their limit changed, they should contact us, but KhmerJaya1588 will make the final limit decision. A Customer exceeding their credit limit will be required to make a payment, which will bring the account under their limit.


KhmerJaya1588 reserves the right to review and change Customer credit limits at its discretion.


KhmerJaya1588 reserves the right to withdraw a credit facility at its discretion.


Customers without credit accounts will trade on a pro forma basis.




Prices quoted do include tax.


Yakaraffe reserves the right to alter prices without prior notice to the Customer, please check the price when ordering.




Payment is due in full by the end of the month following invoice.


For accounts which are overdue, KhmerJaya1588 reserves the right to:


Press for payment

Suspend the supply of goods and services

Charge to the Customer all costs, charges   and expenses incurred by KhmerJaya1588 or its agents in connection with the collection of overdue accounts

Charge the Customer interest on overdue accounts at the rate of 2% per month above bank base rate, from the date of purchase

Open court proceedings

For cheques returned unpaid by KhmerJaya1588's bank, a charge of $60 will be made to the Customer,whatever the reason for the returned cheque.


Goods Returned


A restocking charge of 20% will be applied.




Title, legal or beneficial, to any goods supplied by KhmerJaya1588 does not pass to the Customer,until payment has been made in full.


All dimensions and descriptions in KhmerJaya1588's price lists are approximate.


KhmerJaya1588 reserves the right to alter product specifications or to discontinue any item without prior notice to the Customer, please check details and availability when ordering.


When the supply of goods is not immediately possible, back orders will be shipped as the goods become available, unless previously cancelled by the Customer. Carriage charges will apply.


Where items are added to open orders, KhmerJaya1588 will endeavour to ensure that the goods are shipped together, however on the occasion when this is not possible subsequent carriage charges will apply.


Please check your delivery carefully. Claims must be made within 7 days of delivery.




The invalidity or unenforceability of any clause or condition of these terms shall in no way invalidate or render unenforceable the remaining clauses or conditions.




These terms and conditions shall be for the benefit of trade customers and clients in China, Cambodia, Vietnam and Equitorial Guinea. Customers and clients outside these countries may still purchase their first order on a pro forma basis.

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