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KhmerJaya1588 Working with Suppliers

We welcome all suppliers who can add value to our business and meet our requirements on a competitive basis, please contact us if you are interested in being part of our supplier base.


We choose ours suppliers on the basis of their abilities to fulfil our requirements. A product sourced from a supplier will in fact become a part of our product and directly influence its quality.


In order to choose our supplier, we do special emphasis on the following:


– Service/Logistics: flexibility and compliance with deadlines and delivery practices


– Quality: be in compliance with our Quality Management System, adequacy of quality performance


– Price: adherence with defined target, ability to increase efficiency over time


– Financial stability


Where deemed necessary, we reserve the right to conduct a preliminary on-site inspection of the potential supplier’s facilities.


Our most recent supplier of medical equipment has fulfilled all our requirements and we fully endorse the fellow Asian based company Bitphsar at

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